A girl and a dog. Luna is bold, adventurous. The Great Dane, however, is lazy and grumpy. He would rather stay at home. His size inspires respect, his personality not so much. She always has to drag him to go out. Go out where? Outside of course! But outside where? To the world of zombies. Yes, the zombies dominate the Earth. But their lives are pretty similar to those of humans. After their revolution, they went back to working in offices, having uncomfortable dates of bars, etc. But this is also the story of an old -and human, as Luna- scientist, Titus Livius, that is trying to turn the zombies into humans again. But he needs help: a perfect mission for Luna and the Great Dane.

Genre: Animation
Target: 10-13
Episodes: 13 x 7’
Coproduction: El Perro en la Luna, OSA Estudio de Animación (Córdoba)
Status: Teaser