A future in which humanity has become too…sensitive. A bizarre mixture of esoteric beliefs and pseudo spiritualism.

Aldo is a young man from a space colony who cannot adapt to his time. Everyone is using a new app: E.go. It´s the first self-talks software. It creates an image of yourself you can actually talk to, so you can go deep in introspection. In another effort to adapt, Aldo uses E.go, but a system error occurs…Instead of his own, the ego of an unknown girl appears. She´s acid, impatient, nothing to do with the other egos. Aldo begins, then, the search for his lost ego. However, a peculiar friendship is born between the two, and with the addition of a third member – Leopol, a cocaine-addict octogenarian hacker-, this strange team will try to make humanity come to its senses.

Genre: Animation
Target: 18-25
Episodes: 13 x 13’
Recognize: Winner of “Concurso para el Desarrollo y Promoción Internacional de Proyectos Infantiles Transmedia 2016 – Segunda Edición”